Non - Negotiable Self-care rituals you can follow!

We often think of self-care rituals as little luxuries in our lives, but in reality, so many of the things we do to take care of ourselves are essential for our mental well-being and should be seen as staples in our routines.

Here are some of the small rituals and habits that have become staples for people around the world, through the course of this pandemic:

1. Meditating in the morning - Developing a morning meditation practice can be a life-altering experience in the most positive way. In order to meditate effectively, you must commit to the process and be patient along the way, as it is very challenging to slow down and control your thoughts.


2. Scheduling “worry time” - Having a specific window of time to worry stops you from ruminating throughout the rest of the day, which reduces your stress and allows you to be more present.

3. Sitting outside in silence - An ideal go-to self-care ritual is sitting on your rooftop garden with a cup of tea, simply sitting in solitude. You can enjoy sitting there with my own thoughts, and sometimes you’ll do some breath work as well. If you feel extremely stressed that day, then sit for longer. This is how you can try to shift.

4. Journaling before the workday begins - Journaling helps control your symptoms and improve your mood by: Helping you prioritize problems, fears, and concerns. Tracking any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better control them.


5. Setting boundaries with calls - As much as you love your friends, considering that everything is virtual now, limit all phone calls to 20 minutes. You find virtual interactions, especially of the video variety, very draining — and keeping them short can help you combat digital fatigue.

6. Taking pauses during the day - When everything in life is so frantic, we can often get caught in the tidal wave of impulsive energy and lose sight of what matters. Having the ability to take a few moments to just stop and breathe and to reflect on what we truly desire in each moment is exceptionally empowering. Instead of rushing to respond to emails and texts, taking a pause allows you to compose yourself and your emotions so that you respond versus simply react. It lessens your stress, allows space for inspiration and curiosity.

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