Everybody we’ve met post Shark Tank has at least asked us this once ‘Sales main kitna spike aaya?’

I’ll tell you the truth today. Prepping for shark tank is an intense journey In itself, specially when you have not raised a round before. Facing investor, cramming up numbers, thinking of all possible questions takes a good toll on you - But what iT gives you in return is solid gold. The talk about shark tank spike is real. In our case, it took on more turns, Since we are a bit more than a D2C brand, we work a lot with corporate, Shark Tank brought that validation for us. We got an opportunity to work with some major names in the country, like Google, Airbnb, Big basket and Reserve Bank of India – to name a few - who would have thought? But we became visible to them. Apart from some good names, we also gain conference amongst one time buyers, we saw a massive spike of 10x in just one weeks’ time on our website sales, our store collaborations became easy to convert because people were demanding our products – because of all this we were able to expand our work force immediately and got 20 more homemakers on board, this indirectly impacts 50+ people, helping them in build better socio economic conditions. Our founders also had a chance to speak and share at various events, that motivated a lot of homemakers and young females to believe in the magic of hard work and just dive! We’ve not had a breath to space in past one month, but our entire team loved every second of it.

 To sum up, if someone were to ask me again, sales main kitna spike aaya ? I would like to tell them, sirf sales nahi badhi hai, life he change ho Gaye hai!

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