Why do we say thank you?

Gratitude is a word that encompasses so many feelings altogether. A study at Harvard says, Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.(Harvard health). The author has written a small-heart-felt poem expressing her gratitude towards the world.


Why do we say Thank you?

Is it when you catch the flu?

My mother says you should thank,

The giving river bank.

For endless water gives she,

To nurture our bodies unconditionally.

Giving life to birds and plants,

The elixir of life she grants.

What about the distant hum of winds?

Spreading pollen in its large wings.

Cooling our faces with its large breeze

What about bread, butter and cheese?

Fuel for our bodies, to skip and squeeze.

Say thank you to all of these please.


But what about my mother?

Pampering me like no other.

Thank you, for all that you give and never take,

Working relentlessly without a break.

Our peers, our milkman,

The person who sells the dustpan,

We should say thank you to all,

No matter how short or tall.

The world will be a happy place.

Filled with gratitude and solace.


This poem indicates the importance of expressing your gratitude towards everything, every tiny bug that we see, to large infrastructure being built in the city. On this note we would like to address that Our small team at Ekatra is deeply grateful for all the love and support by our community. This enabled us to move into a new office space, that we will cherish where we continue creating products that for all the lovely like-minded folk, who wish to see Earth as a better place!

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