The Ultimate 3 Step Rakhi Guide

Whenever Rakhi season approaches the market, there is always a buzz and happy cheer all around. But ads are everywhere, Mithaiwalas trying to sell their best sweets, Cadbury coming up with new packaging for its signature chocolates, sentimental ads playing on TV and in between YouTube videos and lastly Instagram and Facebook showing you Rakhis and gift options after every post. Isn’t it overwhelming to come across so many things? How do you find your perfect gift? The market is laden with so many varieties of each and every product possible. How do you find the best gift for your sister?

Let us show you how


1. Take a trip down memory lane

Nothing is better than cherishing memories with your sisters while you were growing up. Think about incidents or objects that have a special place in her heart, like your family vacation to the beach. Gifting her a candle that smells like the sea or framing a funny picture of the two of you are small ways you can bring back those little giggles you shared as children. Don’t forget to add a heartfelt note to complete the piece.




2. Observe and Interact

One will always appreciate something functional rather than just another showpiece, but with a plethora of options for cat-ear cases, make-up kits and perfume brands. Try to be more understanding towards your sister. Keep in mind her hobbies and interests, as well her position in life. For example, if your sister is leaving for college soon, a stationery pack filled with things that will not only be useful but also fitting. Whereas a sister who has just moved into her first apartment would perhaps appreciate home utility tools as a gift.


3. Should you keep a budget?

Everyone is trying to make their own place in this world by trying to be independent and financially stable. Exercising a budget for Rakhi is not a bad thing depending on your stage in life. For a sister, providing something thoughtful in your means is more than enough. As long as you show that you care, the monetary value of your gift is not the ultimate factor.


(Bonus tip) Support Small

If you open your phone, marketing giants will have ads all over the place, but if you get the chance, do research and support small businesses, they not only create with love and care, but also are conscious about the well-being of their workforce, their material quality and the environment. Ekatra for example, is a brand that was started to be a platform for homemakers to showcase their work and have independence of their own. We focus on women empowerment, sustainable development and mental health awareness with each action we take. Every book, every piece of stationery you buy from us, makes a difference in the lives of these women and helps our team to cater to the wellbeing of the environment and the community.


Afterall, Rakhi is a celebration of reuniting with your loved ones and cherishing some time off from the rest of the world. Enjoy your day with your family, having great food, exchanging laughter, sweets and hugs. Don’t let the pressure of bringing the best gift weigh you down. Being able to spend time with your nearest ones after these troubling times is the best gift of all.

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