The Benefits of Small Habits

The world has always told us to dream big. We aspire to expensive houses, high-flying careers, exotic holidays, happy relationships, and the ultimate life purpose. But how many of us ever stopped to think of the practical steps that will get us there?

In reality, most people keep those shiny dreams in their heads, without a clue of how they would ever go about manifesting them into their reality. The real stories of the hard work, strategic planning, persistence, and risk-taking that goes into making dreams come true (whether that’s climbing Mount Everest or buying the house of your dreams) is less often told in mainstream narratives. Perhaps because everyone wants to hear the unattainable, fictional side of the story or because we've been brought up with limiting beliefs that some things just aren't for us.

But part of living a conscious lifestyle involves working on yourself, moving past those limits, understanding that you are worth anything and everything—and then going out to get it. As for the how, there's no definitive answer and the road to success is always a long-winded one, with obstacles, constant learnings and discoveries, and many ups and downs along the way.

But one thing is for sure: No one ever magically woke up in the mansion of their dreams; no one received their dream job offer out of the blue; and no one had their dream partner knock on their door with a wedding ring in hand.

Every goal, be it personal and professional, requires persevering over a long period of time. During that waiting period, when you're working towards your big dream, it's all about the small daily habits you choose to incorporate into your everyday life. Those are the habits that will test your patience and make all the difference in the long term—even if it might look like they are getting you nowhere at the beginning of the journey.

If you're looking to get healthier, drinking eight cups of water in a single day won't make much of a difference. But it sure will, if you keep drinking those eight cups every day for a few months. You can apply the same logic to any area in your life: investing 5000 in one month won't get you too far in your journey of financial freedom, but investing 5000 per month over five years can be transforming, especially if you do your research and put your money in the right places.

Ekatra's one in a kind fit, Habit tracker, encourages users to spend a mere five minutes at the start and end of each day to track their habits for, was built on this very principle. It might not make a world of a difference the first day you use it, but if you make it part of your daily routine, you will see your whole mindset transform: You become more positive and in a better position to see and appreciate the blessings in your life.

Consistency is clearly the key here but it's also easier said than done. To stay consistent, it's always worth keeping that bigger goal in mind to keep you motivated. For instance, putting that money away is that much easier if you know you're saving them to help a loved one or plan a dream holiday.

At the same time, you'll need to also find smart ways to track those smaller, daily habits that will get you there. This simple habit tracker has a new layout to accommodate your dream vision and dedicated sections for habit tracking,That way, you get a clear view of what you need to be achieving every single day. The satisfaction of ticking everything off at the end of the day comes as an extra bonus.


Place this tracker on your fridge (Yes it comes with a magnet!) or put it on your desk to help you keep track of your daily rituals.

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