Set Achievable Goals in 4 Simple Steps

1. Devise a theme for your year

Setting a goal without visualizing the final result doesn’t allow you the space to explore your motivation and can lead to a never-ending quest. When you define a theme for the upcoming year, you align your actions and decisions on what you truly desire to accomplish.


Choose a word or phrase that describes what you want to accomplish and let this inspire your activities for each day, week, and month.


2. Categorize your goals.

Separate your goals into categories to ensure they are balanced, otherwise you may set too many goals in one area of your life and not give enough attention to another. Be specific with your goals––it will make it much easier to figure out a plan for how to achieve them.


Choose focus areas that are relevant and important to you and write down 3-5 goals for each that would make next year your best ever.


3. Create a clear strategy.

Create an action plan for how you will achieve each of your goals. The best way to tackle this is to work backward from the desired result and define what action is needed to get you there. Divide the year into quarters, months, and weeks, and identify what milestones need to be accomplished at different points of the year.


Set deadlines for each milestone, as deadlines make you more accountable, making it more likely that you will fulfil your goal.


Having this clear strategy will make you more intentional and mindful with every single of your decisions and steps; and more clear with where you are now, and where you want to go.

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