Love letters

When one reads this word aloud, it straight away takes our minds towards a beautifully penned out corny letter written by a secret lover from a classic film, but to me, the idea goes beyond that.

Whether it’s a grocery shopping list I send to my mom, a letter I write to my younger sister who doesn’t have a phone, the post-it note on our fridge that has emergency contacts or the postcards my grandmother has saved in a pretty wooden box all these years.

Love letters are not only pieces of paper with emotion and love, but they also comprise of gestures and acts of service you do for your loved ones. This takes me to narrate a small story. When I had just learnt to read and write as a small child, I wrote a small note to my father, on a tiny piece of paper that I tore from a notebook, saying “I love you Papa”. He has still kept that note after all these years in his wallet. In this point of life, where I am not very vocal about my feelings towards my parents, both of them know that the chit holds so much value and will always hold the same truth. The way they express their love for me is by bringing my favourite packet of snacks, making a cup of tea while I work or changing the channel on the TV to let me watch Masterchef.


Why are small tokens of love important?

In times like today, where everyone is engrossed in their own lives, social interactions are slowly losing their meaning, this was further fuelled by the pandemic, which forced us to be away from our loved ones. Showing someone you truly care about them is not only a vocal exchange, but the feeling genuinely reflects by small gestures. Whether it’s helping them with chores or a simple phone call sharing the latest movie gossip.

It not only helps bring a smile on their face but also brightens their day, and gives them the assurance that there are people who have their back. These gestures of love also help them cherish you as a person and helps you remember they were thinking of you, whether they are tangible objects or a long hug after a hectic week.

I had gone on a back-packing trip earlier this year, and brought pieces of rocks from the foothills of the arduous mountain trek as a token that I was remembering them, as I embarked on this journey. Whether they use it as a paper weight or simply keep it in their cupboards it not only makes them feel that they are an integral part of my life but also acts as motivation for us to plan a trip together.


Confused whether your gesture is enough?

The price tag doesn’t matter as much as the level of thoughtfulness and care. As long as you know your loved one will cherish the gift. Sometimes we under-estimate our gestures, and think they will not be enough, but a small surprise visit with a chocolate bar, or watering the plants as your mother takes an afternoon nap are better then planned gifts on special occasions.

Showing someone you love them is not a special occasion kind-of thing, but rather a stream of small acts in everyday life. Hugs, conversations and having picnics on the terrace are all incomparable things, to create ever-lasting memories. How would you show the same care and love through a gift? By being thoughtful about their needs, likes and hobbies, you can find multiple ways to bring out a smile.

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