Journaling Prompts for a Transformative 2023

Our lives consist of various junctures. One of them happens every 12 months when the calendar provides a reset button that makes us trust in the magic of new beginnings. There are only a few pages left in the journal for 2022. While we’re writing this year’s epilogue, next year’s prologue is already a draft of new possibilities.

We’re entering a period of deeper reflection and slower motion (that is, as soon as we take care of our holiday shopping) It’s only natural to ponder on what was and try to predict what could be. Yet, while the past is in the past, the future remains moldable.

What would make 2023 your best year yet? Allow us to put you in a pensive mood with these five journaling prompts for a transformative next year.

1. What can you leave behind to make space for something better in the new year?

2. What is something you’ve been too afraid to do this year that you know would bring you closer to your dream life?

3. What are your three strengths and how can you use them to add more value to your life and the lives of others?

4. What makes you happy? How can you do it more often?

5. What do you look forward to next year? Dream it and go for it.

Thank Yesterday, Love Today, Create Tomorrow

I would like to wish you peace and harmony for 2023 and beyond. May this new year bring you everything you dream of and more. May it spark your enthusiasm for all the light that is yet to come and give you courage to change whatever circumstances are less than favorable. May all the entries in your journal for next year be filled with your gratitude, resilience, and happiness.

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