How many times do you open the fridge door? A guide to Habit trackers.

The way all of us are unique in our own ways, so are our actions, words and personalities. How do we keep a record of all the millions of thoughts and motions we do in our day? How do we work towards making better version of ourselves? A more determined, healthy and conscious path towards life can be achieved by tracking our habits in a systematic way. Whether you are working towards a positive change, or sub-conscious practices, a habit tracker is a reflection of how you go about your day.


What is a habit tracker?

A tabulated piece of information that gives you a jist of your daily practices. It can take on any form-notes on your phone, a marking on your wall calendar, or a journal. Why should you have a habit tracker? If there is an action that is bothering you, that you almost seem to do unconsciously every day, a habit tracker comes in handy, for you to see how many times you have engaged in that action, so that you make a mental note and a guided effort to make a change. Opening the fridge door every time you pass the kitchen could be no harm, right? Most likely it is not, but it could be a seed of an eating disorder or a mundane habit that you want to get rid off.

Habit trackers are also boons for maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you have newly started to work out, or act on eating nutritious homecooked food. A habit tracker is motivating for you to continue towards progress, once you see the markings on the chart, you will want to continue your streak as much as you can. It makes you more credible for your actions. It also becomes a great deal of satisfaction as you check-off the task or habit for the day, even if you’re simply drinking your eighth glass of water.


How does it work?

What is the starting point for habit trackers? What do you document? Any practice big or small, as long as it is significant to you and helps you reach a personal goal is worth documenting in a habit tracker. Let the habit tracker cater to you. One can go as deep as making a daily record rather than a monthly reflection. Going for a walk, journaling, reading, working out or meditation are easy first steps to record towards building your personalized habit tracker. Over time you will be able to provide better insights into your day, and be able to focus on areas of personal interest and mental health well-being. Whether you translate this onto your phone or on paper, Ekatra has a habit tracker and multiple free templates available on the website to help you kick-start your journey with no fuss

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