Do you keep a journal?

Do you keep a journal?

In today’s mostly digital and paperless world, the idea of maintaining a journal might conjure thoughts of secret teenage crushes or something that you “used to do.” But why?



As you get older the benefits of keeping a journal only grow stronger. From shaping you to a better individual to building your personality, it gratifies all that you need to achieve in life. Here the some of the best reasons you definitely should look upto for practising journaling


1) For emergency & contingency situations - When you want to keep a memory of every little moment, Journaling can be the easiest way to start with.


2) Improve your writing - If you're looking for ways to improve your writing skills, all you got to do is start with writing a journal on a daily basis


3) Keep track of important decisions - A journal can be an important tool to track important decisions in your life. It can allow you to remember the reasons behind your decision-making for those all-important life events.


4) Interactions with people - Keeping a journal helps you record certain interactions with people. Review them from time to time to remember and understand why those people were so important to you.


5) Track your progress - In the context of your important life goals and personal objectives, a journal helps you see and keep track of the things that are truly important to you.


6) Remember your true self - Keeping an accurate and complete personal history can be extremely useful. By remembering who you were yesterday, you can avoid making the same mistake today.


7) Structure your organizational skills - Like the lines and paragraphs of a journal, starting & maintaining a journal is one way to structure your life

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