A guide to how to do lists help you stay organized.

Have you ever woken up in the morning dreading the work that foreshadows ahead? Deadlines, laundry and errands becoming overwhelming as the day passes? How would you tackle this? Call a friend to help? frantically multitasking or well, just sleeping over it.

A simpler way to de-clutter and centralize your mind is to make to-do lists. They don’t have to be neatly written words on pretty paper taped to your desk, but a simple note in your pocket or your phone that helps you break down your tasks efficiently.


As you divide your workload into smaller tasks, it starts becoming less overwhelming and one stays motivated to continue as you check-off a successful competition of a task. To-do lists are not only tools for mental health exercise and de-stressing, but regularly making to-do lists allow room for personal introspection on your productivity. As you follow through your tasks, you can ponder about your productivity curve, whether you are more efficient working alone, while playing music, as opposed to folding laundry while watching a show. You can think about how sleep, people and relationships affect your day-to-day habits. Jotting down your tasks will also help you prioritize your time and energy, which will help you sail throughout the day feeling accomplished. But what if one day, you cannot fulfil your task list? Don’t let that to-do list haunt you, rather let it provide you motivation to push yourself harder. Understand yourself better and delegate work to as per how much you can realistically accomplish.


To-do lists are not a constant reminder for you to do things, but rather act as stepping stones for you to accomplish your timely role. Something as simple as organizing your shoes to catching up on your favorite book or planning your next trip can be a part of your to-do list. We at Ekatra understand the constant rush of fast paced life, where all of us are constantly chasing deadlines. Our team has designed a few downloadable templates and a travel planner that are available on our website, which will help you in giving a kick start into the journey of tracking to-do lists and organizing your thoughts, workload and chores.

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