7 ways to show up for yourself and take care of your mental health.

When you’re working toward accomplishing a big goal — like losing weight or getting fit — it can be hard to feel good about yourself during the process. But, you deserve to feel good about yourself right where you are now. And having strong self-esteem can improve your quality of life, well-being, and give you the confidence to keep working to achieve your goals.                       


Try these tactics to feel better about who you are right now:

1. Commit to habits, practices and rituals that are good for your mental health and well being - even when you don't want to. Reduce screen time, practice daily journaling, regular exercise, stretching, meditating, pick what you enjoy and stick to it.

2. Give yourself permission to rest, slow down, take breaks and to have down time without feeling guilty.


3. Take care of your basic needs and find time to do them fully - staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, moving your body and eating nourishing food.

4. Practice letting go, for not being perfect, for your past, for not being able to stick to new habits or for not feeling your best self. What's important is you start again, over and over, as often as needed and pull yourself back on track.

5. Spend more time with people, physically or virtually who uplift you or bring you joy. If you haven't found your tribe yet, listen to podcasts, watch videos, read books that leave you feeling good and complete from the inside out.

6. Focus on things that bring you joy and work towards creating moments in your daily life that you look forward to. Give thanks for the life you have and carry gratitude in your heart.

7. Remind yourself that you are as worthy of everything as everyone else. Make yourself a priority in your own life.

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