Having a bad day? Best ways to deal with it!

Everyone experiences tough times, bumps in the road and an abundance of negative thoughts from time to time. With so many outside influences affecting our mood, it’s no wonder it’s hard sometimes to stay in a place of positivity. At times, a bad day can seem like the end of the world, and it’s up to us to pull ourselves out of the funk.



Get out your favorite playlist. Music has a way of elevating our mood. Catchy beats, good lyrics and an artist we resonate with can turn our bad day around with just a song or too. So put on the tunes. Oh and a little dancing won’t hurt. Hearing classical music for only 10 minutes a day reduced participants’ bad moods. And in another study, scientists found that hearing music dropped blood pressure, heart rate and levels of anxiety hormone cortisol.




Put on some fancy or pretty clothes. Sometimes, dressing the part can help elevate our day. At times we can get very stressed by clothing; it can feel limiting and can cause anxiety, and we might not even be aware of it. Changing clothes to something more comfortable or appropriate will help us feel better about ourselves and the situation.



Make sure you exercise because it is a natural and automatic mood booster. Whenever we’re feeling down, heading outside for a run (or walk) or hitting the treadmill will produce a shift in how you feel and how you are looking at things. Even something as simple as a stretching routine or a few yoga postures can create a big change in your bad day.





When we are having a bad day, it will serve us well to look at our nutrition habits. Are we eating and staying properly hydrated? If the answer is yes, then are we eating foods that are good for us, or are we driving through somewhere? Choosing good fuel for our bodies not only nourishes us and gives us energy, but it also feeds our mind so we can rationally approach our challenges.



Do good deeds and allow the good to overtake the bad. When we are giving of ourselves without an agenda, our mood automatically shifts into a place of kindness and gratitude. It is a powerful prescription for a day that is draining our energy.



There are plenty of other ways to combat a bad day: meditation, practicing mindfulness or even sitting in quiet to help step out of the drama and put things into a more rational perspective. When we take action instead of reacting to the challenges we face, we can turn a bad day around on a dime

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