Dealing with Social Media Anxiety! - How to cope up Mindfully with your Social Media Anxiety.

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We are always connected, and social media marketing is a very important tool for businesses today. Close to half the world’s population are on some type of social media. The average person spends about 20 minutes on Facebook and around 2-3 hours on Instagram. Social media fatigue is characterized by the tendency to withdraw from social media, a feeling of anxiety and being overwhelmed at the thought of interacting online. Techopedia defines it as "Social media fatigue refers to social media users’ tendency to pull back from social media when they become overwhelmed with too many social media sites, too many friends and followers and too much time spent online maintaining these connections. Boredom and concerns about online privacy are also linked to social media fatigue."

The loss of followers on social media and the lack of engagement due to changing Facebook and Instagram algorithms is often seen by the small business owners as a lack of engagement with their brand. When coming to personal, being judged or not liked by people on social media often takes a toll on the lives of several humans, thus ending up in a bad way.

If you are feeling like this, then social media networking is affecting your mental health and well-being. In this case, these 4 ways can help overcome the sense of dread and anxiety around social media marketing:

1. Step away It is ok to take a break. The world doesn't end, nor does the business go kaput. Step away, re-evaluate, and come back to it, maybe, if and only when you are happy with being back. Don't think that you can't disappear from social media.
2. Be selective It is impossible to manage all the various channels and get informative and useful content out, at the right time, all the time. If you have a particular preference for a particular channel, why not focus on it for a while and try and make meaningful connections! There are bound to be people who have similar interests and want to connect.
3. Be creative It is good to do things with your hands and step away from the phone, the computer or any other media device. Use a sketchbook, a diary, or join a pottery class! I rest and recuperate and give myself some digital detox, or I try and focus on creating, the basis of my business and where my true passion lies. If I am not online on social media, I am able to trust my instinct much more as I am not constantly doubting myself or comparing myself to others. It is so important to have that alone time to be creative.

4. Be authentic Set your own path. Too many people are jumping onto bandwagons and different trends, trying to find the same solutions to [today’s] problems. There are so many opportunities, you don’t need to jump on those bandwagons. The best way to get a little perspective is to take occasional breaks from social media. Do yoga, go for a run, spend time with friends in person, hang out in nature.

Whatever it is, doing things in real life can be a big stress reliever and make you feel better about yourself in a way that scrolling through a feed never will.

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